Composite Restoration

Composite Restoration is composed of a synthetic resin-based material that comes in many shades, therefore, can be matched to your existing tooth shade.  For many years, the only way to restore a tooth was a silver filling which is also known as amalgam.  These days, silver fillings are more a thing of the past, and we have switched to a more aesthetically pleasing and conservative treatment for filling known as composite. The best thing about composite is that you do not have to remove a lot of tooth structure to add it to your tooth, since it is chemically bonded not mechanically.

In our office, Dr. Gupta has decided not to offer amalgam or silver fillings, and offers only composite restorations or tooth-colored fillings.  These composite fillings are usually covered by your insurance plan, but sometimes can be downgraded to a silver filling which might require you to pay a little extra for your filling.  Dr. Gupta believes that it is worth the extra amount because it is a more conservative approach to filling your teeth and require less “drilling” into your tooth structure.  Another benefit is that we can match the filling to your current tooth shade and after polishing, it can look completely natural.

The best way to keep your composite fillings decay free is to stay away from acidic drinks or sugary drinks.  Flossing is extremely important if the fillings are between your teeth, since you might be packing food between your teeth.  Make sure to stay on schedule with your 6 month dental checkups so your dentist can catch if you have any recurrent decay underneath your fillings.