Did you know that Mountain Dew contains one of the highest levels of caffeine of any soft drink? Most soda companies use high levels of sugar and high fructose corn syrup to mask the bitter taste of caffeine. The combination of high sugars and low PH levels can cause accelerated tooth decay. Mountain dew has one of the highest sugar levels with 11 teaspoons of sugar, along with a low PH of 3.22. Water has a ph level of 7.0, so clearly that is pretty low. Tooth decay occurs when the teeth are bathed in a sugary and acidic environments for extended periods of time. Sipping on sodas throughout the day, especially when at work, can cause rampant tooth decay.

Rampant tooth decay can cause your teeth to turn a brown color, as well as causing sensitivity. Teeth can also break down so bad from the acid and sugar levels that teeth start breaking down. Mountain dew drinkers can have the same appearance as meth users, which is where “Mountain Dew mouth” was dubbed from. The standard treatment for this condition is to address the tooth decay with fillings, crowns or replacement teeth, but many dentists also stress the need for proper education on the effects of soda on teeth, and let the patient know they need to reduce the amount of sugary beverages consumed during the day or they will have recurrent decay on all the teeth that were restored.

The best prevention is to steer clear of sugary sodas ,but if you do drink them, they need to be consumed in 5 minutes or under to reduce sugar and acid exposure on the enamel. Try to swish with water afterwards also to increase the pH level in your mouth. Don’t forget that diet sodas also have high acidic levels that can also cause cavities. The rule is that sodas, whether diet or regular, are not beneficial to your dental health. Good old H2O will always be the best choice of drink for your dental health as well as your general health!!!