Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is  a phenomena which in majority of individuals occurs at night time and you are not aware of it. Sometimes it can be loud enough that person next to you might point out that they can hear you grind at night. Occasionally, grinding of teeth could be just a habit and you might be doing it during the day time particularly in a stressful situation.

Teeth grinding results in flattening out your teeth edges in the front teeth and biting surfaces in the back teeth. It may also results in sharp and jagged edges on the teeth making you cut your tongue. Another indication could be that your tongue will have slight indentations around the edges due to clenching and grinding your teeth hard. Teeth grinding can also result in very sensitive teeth since it exposes inner layer of teeth not suppose to be in contact with the oral fluid.

Sometimes it can result in a patient waking up with sore jaw and facial muscles in the morning.

How to address the problem?

For night time grinding, the best solution is to get a night guard fabricated by your dentist. Basically it is a very hard plastic like material that is custom made to fit perfectly on your upper or lower teeth and does not let your teeth close completely. This way even if you try to grind at night all you do is grind the plastic, and it saves your teeth from trauma.

For morning time clenching and grinding, make an intentional effort to monitor yourself and if you notice yourself doing it, make an effort to relax. We do prescribe a day guard that you can wear at work which does not cover the whole arch.

In some extreme cases, the grinding can be so advanced that it can literally leave little stubs of teeth in your mouth, in that case a dentist might recommended full mouth rehabilitation with extra strength crowns called Bruxzir, to save your teeth from further damage