Tooth Extraction

The simple definition of a tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from your jaw bone. The reasons for needing an extraction include but are not limited to fracturing a tooth, having too much damage from decay that the tooth cannot be repaired, and loose teeth from bone loss and gum disease. Another main reason for extraction is wisdom teeth removal.

Some people hear this and are immediately terrified. Our job is to alleviate all your fears, and have the best experience in the dental chair possible. Some people have a better experience if they know what the visit consists of. Dr. Gupta always explains to her patients step by step what she is about to do, which can help eliminate the fear of the unknown, and the patient knows what to expect. First, we place topical on the area that needs anesthesia. After the patient is feeling numb, Dr. Gupta will fully anesthetize the tooth or teeth that need extraction. We always give the patients at least 10 minutes for the full effect of the anesthesia to work.

One of the worst post operative complications is a dry socket. This happens in the event that the patient does not follow the post op instructions and the blood clot does not form in the socket, which leaves exposed bone. This can be extremely painful for patients, so Dr. Gupta recommends for every patient to use Sokit Gel during the healing stage. Sokit gel is an all natural wound dressing that keeps the socket moisturized and providing drug-free pain relief.